Rurality, Modernity and (De)Coloniality: Unmaking the Legacies of Empire from Below – Accepted Papers

Poienile de sub Munte- WWI (E. Hoffmann)


After a long process of selection,  we finally are able to present the list of the accepted papers for the 5th edition of ”Telciu Summer Conferences”.  Soon we will publish the program of the conference  that will be held in Bistrița and Telciu (26-27 of August) after the first edition of Telciu Summer School.Thanks to all who applied.

Feel free to join us!

Robert Andrzejczyk and Mirosław Kłusek, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun/ University of Agriculture in Kraków (Poland) ’’The financial support for agricultural drainage and irrigation provided by the Polish State Agricultural Bank (PBR) in the years 1919-1939’’

Alina Branda, Babeș-Bolyai University (Romania)’’On rurality and Modernizing Processes. A Case Study”

Dan Brett, The Open University, (United Kingdom)  – ’’Rural Politics and Political Transformation after World War One in Eastern and Western Europe”

Alina Ciubotaru, University of Bucharest (Romania) – Modernization vs. Magical Realism in the feminine rural space from Ana Castillo’s novel”

Theodor Constantiniu, Gheorghe Dima Music Academy (Romania) – ”Configuring a distinct musical space: the emergence of the Romanian national school of composition between the Western canon and the resources of the local music”

Valer Simion Cosma, University of Pécs (Hungary) – ‘’Religiosity and the making of the peasant backwardness. Romanian religiosity and the Western gaze (18-19th centuries)’’

Donald Davis, Virginia Tech University/University System of Georgia (USA) – ”Ecological Imperialism and the End of Environmental History: Re-thinking Central Europe’s Local/Global Landscape”

Juan F. Gamella, Giuseppe Beluschi Fabeni, Elisabeth Gómez Oheler, and Vasile Muntean, University of Granada (Spain) – ”Rural cosmopolitans : The changing transnational hierarchies and self-definitions of three Roma family Networks in their present European Diaspora”

Iulia Hurducaș, University of Sheffield, (United Kingdom) – ”Constructing the Rural Periphery on the Vișeu River Valley, Maramureș, Northern Romania”

George Iordachescu, Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca (Italy) – ”Museifying rurality for whom? Heritage production and commodification of authenticity under EU funding schemes for tourism development in Romania

Alina Juravle, Cooperativa G. (Romania)  – ”Neo-serfdom and State-driven modernization in Greater Romania’’

Irina Marin, University of Leicester, (United Kingdom) –Land Reform and Social Combustibility around the Triple Frontier between Romania, Austria-Hungary and Tsarist Russia at the End of the 19th, beginning of the 20th Century”

Boldizsár Megyesi, Centre for Social Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, (Hungary) – ”New practices conserving traditional patterns: changes of farm-structure and land-use in Hungary, a qualitative analysis”

Cornel Micu,  University of Bucharest (Romania) – ’’The myth of the interwar free Romanian peasant’’

Sorin Mitulescu, Lumina – University of South-East Europe (Romania) –  ’’Modernity in rural area’’

Zsusza Plainer, Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities (Romania) – “My colleagues were unlearned communists who came from villages” – ethnicity, class,  gender and local identity in a female life-story from Baciu”

Alexander De Tey, Independent Researcher, Berlin, (Germany)  – Listening synergy between modernism and ruralism in Machines Agricoles by Darius Milhaud

Doina Vasile, Independent Researcher, Bucharest (Romania)- ”Voices of Belief Or : Why The Devil Is Not so Black as He Is Painted”

Bogdan Vatavu, Center for the Study of Modernity and the Rural World (Romania) -‘Modernity as a catalyst for crime – Modernization and criminality in early modern Romania (18th to mid-19th centuries)”

András Vigvári, Cecilia Kovai, Tamás Gerőcs, Hungarian Academy of Science Working Group for Public Sociology “Helyzet” (Hungary) – ‘’What Role for Eastern European Rural Areas in The International Division of Labor?’’

Keynote: Vintilă Mihăilescu, National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, (Romania) – The wealth of poverty. Turning rural underdevelopment into a resource of development



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